Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of Steve Baxter Dallas

Steve Baxter’s plan is to procure apartment properties of 200 apartment units or more that have been overlooked, under-capitalized, or poorly managed. He seeks to find areas of the market that are getting better or stable.

Steve was involved in Young Life and Fellowship of Christian Athletes in his junior and senior years. Steve was selected for the Superintendent’s Council as a senior.

Steve acquired his Texas Real Estate Broker’s License in 1978. He bought his first quadplex in 1979 for $42,000 with a fellow seminary student. Here his skills were developed to know how to manage and rehabilitate property. He accomplished most of the work by himself and began to learn the remodeling details of the business over the next year. He sold the property a year and a half later for about $85,000. That's when he made up dallas real estate investment property his mind he loved this rehab business.

The basketball video can be viewed here:

Steve Baxter has been an active leader in youth ministry in the Dallas Texas area for 45 years and led Young Life Clubs at various high schools. He was on the staff of Fellowship Bible Church as the Youth Director and leader of the Men’s Ministry for 13 years. Steve and his wife, Mireya, attend Country Fellowship Church in Richardson . His two sons, Brennan Baxter and Andrew Baxter, go to Texas Tech University, and are active in the Brothers Under Christ Fraternity.

Steve recalls Andrew’s hard work and high spirits on the basketball court and looks forward to the future successes that will unfold as Andrew matures Baxter Dallas Real Estate Investor Expert in college and beyond.

As a junior on the basketball team, Andrew Baxter knew he was not going to play much so he decided he wanted to be the best teammate on the bench. He did this by encouraging the whole bench to overwhelmingly support the players and be cheerleaders for them. He helped all the bench to "go crazy" for the players on the court. It made a big change in the team spirit and likely helped the fact that the team made it to the playoffs for the first time in a long time.

Brennan Baxter, Andrew Baxter’s brother, was a successful basketball player. Steve enjoyed Brennan’s success equally well and has had many enjoyable moments watching both of his sons’ successes on and off the Pearce High School basketball court.

For Andrew Baxter of Dallas, high school basketball was just the beginning. He was looking forward to the challenges of the university. He now attends Texas Tech with his brother Brennan.

Andrew is thankful for the successes of high school, appreciative of his popularity socially and accomplishments athletically. But he would be the first to say that those accomplishments are nothing in comparison to the privilege of knowing Christ and living for Him.

Furthermore, the Bible makes a challenge that goes something like this: "I call heaven and earth to record this day, that I have set before you life and death: therefore, choose life."

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